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Path of Exile is just a few days away from being released on PC.

So, Ultimatum, the latest expansion for Path of Exile, is just a few days away from being released on PC on April 16. But before its release, the Grinding Gear Games team outlined some balance changes they want to make. The team notes that they want to balance some of the game mechanics related to […]

Episode 2: The Soul Keeper is now on PC with consoles.

So, if you’ve been waiting so long to get your hands on episode 2 of Neverwinter Sharandar, then today is the day. Episode 2: The Soul Keeper is now live on PC with consoles to receive content on May 13. Well, episode 2 is the second update of the three-part module planned for Sharandar. This […]

Crowfall will host a major tournament with a solid prize pool.

ArtCraft Entertainment studio announced that Crowfall will host a major tournament with a solid prize pool. 12 teams will take part in Eternal Champions, and the first fights will begin in early May. Each competition will include 12 teams of 5 players each, who will enter the arena to participate in a battle lasting about […]

PCF plans to fix many bugs in Outriders

So, after Outriders was released on April 1, they met with a mixed reaction, as many servers were simply slammed, and crashes greatly prevented players from getting a smooth experience. It’s possible to get Outriders Boost fast and reliable.And more recently, a massive bug that clears players ‘ inventory, including their gear, has caused immeasurable […]

The New World was postponed to the spring of 2021.

So, after the retweet goal was already achieved on Twitter, Amazon’s New World broke the ice on a new weapon that players can use in Aeternum, the Ice Glove. The first video showed us a column of ice with something inside. Also, the Amazon MMO twitter account back on April 6 challenged users to reach […]

New details about the Fallout 76 update.

So, the most recent inside the vault for Fallout 76 has shared some new details about its upcoming update 26, including changes for daily operations. The update is called Locked & Loaded and includes quite a bit. The big update, of course , is the Daily operations. Daily operations will include a new game mode, […]

Red Dead Online offers numerous discounts.

So, some news about Red Dead Online. Actually, Red Dead Online is all about wildlife this week with a kind of care package. You can also count on various bonuses and discounts. There is now a ready-made wildlife care package for all players, containing 3 Powerful Herbivore baits, 3 Powerful Predator baits, and 3 Special […]

A major update for Black Desert Mobile.

Pearl Abyss has released a major update for Black Desert Mobile, which added a new clan activity called “Constellations” to the game with the ability to get a variety of rewards. In order to unlock new content, you need to complete a series of tasks “Extinguished Stars”. And access to the Constellations will cost 100 […]

Few patches have been released for Elder Scrolls Online.

More recently, a few patches were released for Elder Scrolls Online that were able to bring some fixes to the Flames of Ambition DLC on Xbox One in addition to fixing the missing guild list history on PC and Mac. Here are some key points from both patches. In case you missed it, Flames of […]

The second patch for Albion Online is available live.

So, the second Аlbion Online patch for their Call to Arms update is now available live. And, if you’re one of those people who likes to collect horses, this might interest you. As part of this latest update, a manual mouse-moose is available. In fact,Albion Online received its call to arms earlier this month. The […]