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New update for PUBG is out while PUBG Corporation is suing again


PUBG creators are going to sue again, now it’s not even another game company or clone but the Chinese bureaucracy itself. MMO Culture reports that plethora of Chinese publications are covering PUBG Corp.’s trademark hardwork. PUBG Corp. seemingly has been trying to trademark 今晚吃鸡, rough translation: Chicken Dinner, as in “winner winner chicken dinner,” substantially a […]

The Division 2 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice go to top amongst the others in March NPD

division 2

Last month’s NPD report brought some frustrating news to us, and divulges several supposed winners. The NPD report tells about US retail video game software, and that hardware trade for March has begun. The data contains digital figures from involved publishers, but majority of them are restricted to retail yet. General expense has declined by […]

Lineage will become free-to-play this May in Korea


Lineage is one of the oldest ever on its run graphical MMORPGs, and one of the last available for free games in the industry as well. About the last one, it’s actually becoming free on May 2nd, once Lineage drops obligatory subscriptions in Korea. As MMO Culture informs, a half-year ago NCsoft stated that the incessantly […]

Xbox One S All-Digital’s launching next month and will cost you about $250

Xbox One S All-Digital

In the most recent Inside Xbox episode, Microsoft officially announced the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, which comes disc-less. Xbox One S All-Digital launches at May 7, the set includes a 1TB hard drive and an Xbox Game Pass trial. The console is also packed with three games: Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 3, and Minecraft. The […]

Ubisoft will give away free games and donate half a million euros to Notre-Dame Cathedral restoration


How all the media screams during last few days, the ignition caused a huge damage to the historically famous Notre-Dame Cathedral earlier this week, so Ubisoft have decided to help and lend financial aid to the restoration efforts for the iconic Parisian landmark. The studio in Paris reported on April 17 that it will be donating €500,000 […]

The date for the Xbox E3 2019 press conference is placed

e3 briefing

The Xbox E3 2019 press conference will be holding at June 9. Before it officially begins, Microsoft will host its Xbox E3 2019 briefing. The show will start at June 9, 1pm PDT, 4pm EDT, 9pm BST, 10pm CEST. During the meeting, you will see all the earlier-announced games and trailers for unannounced ones that will […]

Creepy side of Oculus VR Controllers: the hidden message

Oculus VR Controllers

With every new technology you see at the market, it’s hard to guess: what kind of weird way it will choose to compromise my privacy? Seems like developers of these novelties get concerned about that things too. On April 11th, Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell reported via Twitter that tens of thousands of Oculus Touch controllers have shipped […]

Nepal authorities try to prevent game addiction epidemy by banning PUBG


There’s a disease included in International Classification of Diseases known as “gaming disorder” , but almost no worry for gamers, as some recent research suggests, only a very small percent of them have a risk of getting addicted. However, Nepal seems like having a big concern about that one, how else we can explain why they banned the game PlayerUnknown’s […]

The Sekiro difficulty debate and the following consequences, which is actually a meme


The new update of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has started the debate over developer FromSoftware’s games, mainly around the difficulty of this game and whether the studio should add more difficulty levels so more people can simply play. That hot discussion has made accessibility more casual, so not so skilled new to game players have no much […]

Fortnite claims, the new update has a suicide scene, the location has been removed

Fortnite suicide scene

At the end of the last year, Fortnite developer Epic Games spoke out a new idea that may let user creations to be presented on a small space of the official island map. This location, named The Block, would spin every so often with the goal of demonstrating fan originality  and creativity. On April 2, The Block was updated […]