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New test patch for Crowfall right now.

A brand new test patch for Crowfall right now. Which will stop your equipment from falling. In short, your equipment will no longer fall into the garbage. Inventory can still drop, but your equipment can’t. several infected forts and fortresses were also renamed. The scoring error was fixed on the Feed the Flock victory card. […]

The lunar year in Guild Wars 2 will bring a lot of things.

Well, if you missed some news, it’s currently the Lunar New Year in Guild Wars 2. Players can join in the celebration right now, starting to welcome the Year of the Bull with fireworks,food, games, and lots of prizes. Also, I advise you to check your in-game mail for an invitation to this celebration. And […]

Activision Blizzard has announced a lot of good news.

During the call with investors and analysts, which was held by Activision Blizzard, a lot of interesting news was reported, among which there was a little information about Overwatch 2, as well as about the future of the Warcraft universe and the upcoming RPG Diablo IV. So we learned that Blizzard is preparing “several free […]

Star Citizen new information about the space simulator.

The developers of Star Citizen from Cloud Imperium Games continue to release new videos about their space simulator. This week we were presented with a new episode “Inside Star Citizen”, the first part of which is devoted to the creation of logos, and the second to the stations, the progress of the development of the […]

World of Warcraft: Classic was left without bots.

Blizzard has closed the most popular bot program in World of Warcraft: Classic.In fact, Blizzard Entertainment should have done so at the very beginning of the war on bot farming. After all, the fight against lone bots is useless, but another thing is a direct blow directly to the source of problems. In any case, […]

Albion Online will soon host the Crystal League championship.

The developers from Sandbox Interactive decided to warn players in advance that the 11th season of the “Crystal League Championship” in Albion Online will soon begin. Everyone has more than a month to prepare. Since the date of the new season, when dangerous fights will begin, will be held from March 6 to 7. And […]

The EVE Online event runs until January 26.

So, well, EVE Online will host the organization Eden, which is now waiting for the celebration of the new arrival with the Japanese community.So, the event will last until January 26 and will include daily login campaigns with rewards and daily challenges. As well as the official mail highlights diversity and states: “With the influx […]

Fractured developers are holding another event.

After a short open Fractured test, which took place directly on the New Year holidays, the development team from Dynamight Studios decided to repeat this experience and hold another similar event. The event will start tomorrow, January 15 and will once again be dedicated to the PvP component. True, it will not last long, until […]

Bless Unleashed the start of the second stage.

Those who were lucky enough to receive an invitation from the developers of the MMORPG Bless Unleashed or in any other way to become owners of access to the PTA PC version of the game, it’s time to move to the expanses of the fantasy world-the official start of the second stage of testing took […]

Bless Unleashed finally lowered the requirements.

Well, the latest update to Bless Unleashed finally reduces the entry-level requirements for multiple dungeons. The update leads to the start of the event on Market Street, as well as several sales and entry-level settings for the dungeons themselves. These include the arena, lairs, and dungeons. The dungeons and level changes in question include: Mausoleum […]