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Fortnite Epic Games will receive an investment in the amount $250 Million from Sony.

Sony invested $ 250 million in Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite and the Epic Games Store. According to some reports, the total amount of funds raised by Epic Games was 1.83 billion dollars. The new investment, according to Venture Beat, will allow ” Sony and Epic to expand their collaboration” through current Sony games […]

Out of Reach: Treasure Royale – Pirate-themed naval battle royale surfaces on Steam

Indie developer Space Boat Studios and publisher Playway are preparing a new game on a pirate theme. The game will be called Out of Reach:Treasure Royale. They will launch it later this year on Steam. The game was first announced in March 2019. The package is quite simple: gather a crew, create a sailing banner, […]

Will Xbox Normalize The Cross-Gen?

While the next generation approaches, both Microsoft and Sony have been outlining their respective visions for the coming years. And also while upgraded hardware that pushes more triangles is always a priority in the games industry, both companies have increasingly turned their messaging toward the consumer-friendly features of the impending Xbox Series X and PlayStation […]

Take-Two has 93 games planned for the next five years

President Karl Slatoff said the company needs ‘more at-bats.’ Take-Two Interactive is best known for the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption games. Now it’s looking to broaden those horizons significantly. President Karl Slatoff said during today’s earnings call that the publisher has 93 “full game” releases planned. The next five years will change […]

Gameforge Takes Over Publishing Rights for TERA in several countries

TERA will be published by Gameforge in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States starting on June 4. The new server will fully integrate the Russian-language version of the game into Gameforge’s network. Additionally, Gameforge ensures that existing players who join the newly-hosted server will be able to continue playing the game. Players […]

Embracer Group has 118 Games in Development

Embracer Group has 118 in development and 31 studios under its umbrella. Embracer Group, formerly THQ Nordic AB, and before that Nordic Games, has grown a lot over the couple of years. According to the latest annual report, it’s got a 118 games in development. Most of them, and more specifically 69, are yet to […]

World of Warships is colliding with Warhammer 40K

Warhammer sure gets around, invading many video game genres. To be honest, it’s even spawned some kids’ books. A collaboration with World of Warships, then, is not a huge surprise. Boats are nothing if not massive space cathedrals that simply forgot how to fly. Wargaming’s nautical multiplayer romp will soon be graced by ships. It’s […]


Recently  we’ve learned about Invasions and Territory Wars in New World. Now it’s time to dive into Arenas and how they’ll work in Amazon Game Studios’ upcoming 17th century survival MMORPG. According to the latest dev blog, first, players will need to complete a set of tasks. Only after that they can gain access to […]

The PlayStation 5 Demo Reveals ‘Nanite’ Technology That Is Coming in 2021

Once in 2013, Epic games shocked everyone with Inflitrator demo of Unreal Engine 4. Today sci-fi vignette doesn’t impress anymore. Suddenly, even astonishing things become a routine. Now a similar situation is happening. Unreal Engine 5 is releasing next year. Epic Games has a new PlayStation 5 tech demo called Lumen in the Land of […]