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Square Enix releases the benchmark tool for Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers update

ffxiv shadowbringers

Square Enix has launched the official benchmark tool for Final Fantasy XIV expansion Shadowbringers. The benchmark will test your game system and will provide a scoring metric and the ability to change settings. The Benchmark Features Using the benchmark, you can also get a first peek at its new features, including fancy job skills and the upcoming artifact gear for […]

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward will be free-to-play for certain players

final fantasy xiv heavensward

According to Square Enix if you have the Final Fantasy XIV base game (A Realm Reborn) or the FFXIV Online Starter Edition you will be accessed to the Heavensward expansion. Add it to your account for free and keep it forever! The offer is valid for PlayStation 4, PC and Mac platforms. Those who have […]

Keita Amemiya’s design for Final Fantasy XIV: new blog post from developers


New dev blog from Final Fantasy XIV creators is full of marvelous concept art by Keita Amemiya, both black-and-white and colorful designs are provided, showing off all this graphic beauty created for Return to Ivalice alliance raid series. “The series started off as “the story of Ivalice within the world of FFXIV” and was said […]

Final Fantasy XIV launches a new patch and and slowly finishes its collab with GARO

Final Fantasy XIV garo

The partnership of GARO and Final Fantasy XIV has lasted for a long time and still continue to. Do you want to pick up the gear? You can go and do that right now. Or may be climb one of the achievement-based horse mounts? Still highly possible. But eventually, an endpoint can be seen in […]

Final Fantasy XI releases new patch with changes to White Mages; Feast of Swords’ preparations

Final Fantasy XI

The new era in Japan is coming. As the new emperor ascends, the end of the Heisei era comes and the start of the Reiwa era begins. So it makes the following update for Final Fantasy XI the first update of the Reiwa era, and developers decided to mark the beginning of Reiwa with White […]

You will be able to visit your friends at other servers with new patch for Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

Players will face another update for Final Fantasy XIV, and it seems appropriate that they can now reach other servers, once patch 4.57 lands, including the world visit system. With that new addition you can encounter your neighbors within the same data center or walking around, explore housing, chat, and many other things. A new […]

Come and enjoy the Regalia – a new reward in Final Fantasy XIV’s latest crossover event

Final Fantasy XIV the regalia

A Nocturne for Heroes, the latest Final Fantasy XIV collaboration event is ready to go live today. The main hero of Final Fantasy XV’s known as Noctis will be heading to the world of Eorzea, and your aim as a player to help him defeating dozens of bad guys, including the FFXV version of the primal Garuda. But […]

Final Fantasy XIV’s North American data center will be down due to fixing split issues on April 22nd

Final Fantasy XIV

Two North American data centers for Final Fantasy XIV will split into three on April 23rd, but sad news for players on those data centers: they won’t be able to play on April 22nd either. The Primal and Aether centers will be closed to fix some minor issues starting at 6:00 a.m. EDT, with all other data […]

Final Fantasy XIV: so, what about races? Two gender-locked or one completed?

final fantasy xiv

Alright. It’s been almost a month, and I have some thoughts about why Final Fantasy XIV is creating two gender-locked races for the game now when the devs know much well that it’s not a smart move. But we’ve had three weeks to put up with that idea, but people are still in a huge […]

Unique MMO celebrations that didn’t rip off real-world holidays

Final Fantasy XIV: Moonfire Faire

Doesn’t it seem weird to you that all these fantasy and sci-fi worlds that we see there have evolved the same holidays that we celebrate in our real life? They of course can disguise them rename it and change a bit, but it’s the same Christmas, the same Valentine’s Day, the same Halloween, and the […]