The new Final Fantasy game can be shown during the Square Enix demo.

A new rumor emerged over the weekend, confirming the idea that a new Final Fantasy game could be shown during Square Enix’s demo at E3 2021 next month. The rumor comes via ResetEra, claiming that a Final Fantasy spin-off game is in the works, with Team Ninja, the team behind Nioh, and Square Enix’s own […]

So, today is not particularly good and even very sad news.

So, today is not particularly good and even very sad news. Final Fantasy 14 and many games in the modern industry wouldn’t be the same without the work of Beserk’s Kentaro Miura, who passed away this month at the age of 54. Naoki Yoshida in a recent interview spoke about Miura and his influence, as […]

The Endwalker launch date is known.

If you’re a fan of FFXIV, with a digital fanfest taking place on Friday and Saturday nights. Although we now know the official launch date for Endwalker, there is still a lot of time until November 23. Thankfully, Square Enix has announced the dates when players can dive into the FFXIV story sequel: May 25. […]

Updates’ road map for Final Fantasy XIV have been published

MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV’s creators shared detailed map including future updates and events plans and with us. It shows the players what they should be ready for in period from upcoming patch release 5.55 to widescale update Endwalker launch. It includes next: 5.55 update on the 25th of this month; Make it Rain Campaign event […]

Grand addition to MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV release date and opened pre-order

Square Enix announced exact date of  Endwalker – giant Final Fantasy XIV’s update release. It is the 23rd of November, but users having pre-order will be available to start using it on the 19th. Update will be available on PC, Playstation 4 and 5. You can buy any of two publications right now. Typical one […]

The launch of Final Fantasy XIV on PlayStation 5 will take place on May 25.

The full launch of the  Final Fantasy XIV on PlayStation 5 will take place on May 25, as we were informed today by Square Enix.The next-generation console version of the game includes much faster downloads, support for 4K resolution, a high-resolution user interface, support for tactile response in DualSense controllers, new trophies, and 3D sound. […]

FFXIV has another new game class: Reaper.

Each new expansion, the Final Fantasy XIV team did a pretty good job of giving new classes to keep the player pool sharp. Now we know, thanks to the ongoing FFXIV fan festival, another new game class: Reaper, a melee fighter with a scythe.This new class features a two-handed scythe and a rather surprising “sharp” […]

The Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker expansion has received a full trailer.

So, the upcoming Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker expansion got a full trailer tonight to kick off the FFXIV digital fanfest. The team also delved into the content of the upcoming expansion in the main program, touching on the second of the new jobs that will appear in the expansion: The Reaper. The two-handed weilding reaper […]

In May the Final Fantasy 14 digital fan Festival will take place.

The  Final Fantasy XIV digital fan Festival will be held in May, and Square Enix has detailed the schedule for this event.. Fans can see the full schedule on the official Fanfest program, complete with streaming times, events, panels, and even a full Q & A session. The FFXIV Digital Fan Festival kicks off at […]

Final Fantasy 14 has published patch notes.

Finally, we waited for it. Final Fantasy XIV  has released patch notes for its upcoming Death To Dawn update today. The patch notes set the stage for next week’s 5.5 update, which will appear in the MMO alongside the expected PS5 beta.The patch notes give players a deeper look at what to expect from next […]