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For Final Fantasy XIV, there is a new animated trailer for the game in the style of anime.

The official channel of Final Fantasy XIV for South Korea has a new animated trailer for the game in the style of anime. The video demonstrates the introduction of the character to the activities in the starting city of Limsa Lominsa. Let me remind you that in the fall of this year, Square Enix plans […]

Final Fantasy 14 showed a lot of interesting things in the trailer.

So, the Healers in Final Fantasy 14 only have to wait a bit before they can spread their wings. During the Final Fantasy 14 announcement demo, director Naoki Yoshida revealed a new healer: an original work called Sage, the first of two classes to appear with the new 6.0 expansion called Endwalker. With this announcement, […]

18 season of Final Fantasy XIV is going to start soon.

The new 18th season of “Feast” Final Fantasy XIV starts on February 2 together with patch 5.45. A little about it: If we talk about everything, then there is too much information. The rules discuss PvP rankings, levels, promotion qualifiers, Seasons in general, postponement, and more. Information about PvP rankings, in particular, is of notable […]

Final Fantasy XIV event.

Square Enix today announced that on February 6, an event will be held, where we will share news on the  Final Fantasy XIV. Most likely, we are waiting for the announcement of a new addition, which, according to rumors, will be called Forspoken. Whether this is true or not, we will find out in two […]

Final Fantasy XI post about the changes.

The new year has arrived all over the world and Akihiko Matsui, the producer of Final Fantasy XI, has posted a post highlighting the challenges of developing in 2020 and moving to work from home, but noting with no small pride the amount of work the team has been able to accomplish, including launching the […]

A new event in Final Fantasy XIV.

While in the Final Fantasy XIV, the traditional seasonal event “Starlight Celebration”, dedicated to the winter holidays, is coming to an end, ahead of fans of this fantasy world, the next thematic event is already waiting – “Heaventurn”. This event is designed to help the heroes meet the coming year of the Bull and at […]

Updated patches for Final Final Fantasy XIV.

Square Square or patch Enix Final Final Fantasy XIV for patch 5.4 , which sees the end of the story of Raina and Gaia. And the patch notes themselves are quite extensive and run the gamut of normal expectations. There is also a lot of game content, such as new main scenario quests, new Chronicles, […]

Hidden announcement of Final Fantasy XIV.

After announcing a certain announcement about the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV planned for February 2021, Square Enix did not forget about the near future of its fantasy world, publishing a story trailer for the upcoming major content update 5.4. It is called “Futures Rewritten” and, in addition to continuing the narrative line, includes the RAID […]

Final Fantasy XIV will release an update soon.

So, Square Enix has already started testing the next final chapters of Final Fantasy XIV in the new 5.4 update-futures. A ton of content will be provided, such as a RAID dungeon, new updates and quests,and much more. The futures that were rewritten are scheduled to be released in December, so we are looking forward […]

Patch 5.35 introduces new quests, hairstyles.

The most interesting thing is that the latest Final Fantasy XIV patch was released with a bunch of content, fixes, and items for adventurers looking for adventure. Patch 5.35 introduces new quests, hairstyles, emotions, and a new PvP mode. The patch notes for version 5.35 are too big to post all of them here, but […]