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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers finally has launched, bringing new features and experience

shadowbringers released

One of the biggest summer’s releases for MMO players officially comes to us as Final Fantasy XIV’s Shadowbringers formally launches.  It’s a massive chunk of new story for the MMO-JRPG, this time taking a break from Eorzean politics to drop players into a post-apocalyptic parallel world. Players who pre-ordered got a few days of early access, […]

DDoS attackers hit Final Fantasy XIV causing network technical difficulties

final fantasy xiv ddos

Square Enix has reported that Final Fantasy XIV suffered from a series of DDoS attacks yesterday, June 28th, that saw the game’s North American servers go down for a few hours. This isn’t the first time the MMORPG has been targeted by DDoS attackers but it’s been quite a while since the last time they successfully managed […]

Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida says Xbox One cross-play regulations still holding back the release

ffxiv restrictions microsoft

Final Fantasy XIV has cross-play throughout PlayStation four and PC, but Final Fantasy XIV Executive Producer Naoki Yoshida says Microsoft restrictions are holding up help (or a port) on Xbox One. That’s particularly notable, since Final Fantasy XI was a cross-platform pioneer years earlier, letting gamers be a part of up throughout PS2, Xbox 360, […]

Final Fantasy XIV will have a live-action TV show by Sony set in Eorzea

ffxiv live action

Final Fantasy XIV is making the jump to live action with a new TV series that is set to be produced by Sony Pictures Television and Hivemind, the studio that makes The Expanseand Netflix’s upcoming The Witcher show. What We Know So Far Sony didn’t reveal too many details about the show itself. It’ll be an original story set in Eorzea, […]

Dance like a sabotender in the annual Final Fantasy XIV Make It Rain event!

make it rain ffxiv

What about a new Final Fantasy XIV event? Starting on June 6th you can participate in the annual Make It Rain event, and there’s plenty to be excited about. For exaple, dancing like a sabotender, if you prefer, but that’s just the big event reward; the Gold Saucer has lots of rewards on deck for […]

Square Enix releases the benchmark tool for Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers update

ffxiv shadowbringers

Square Enix has launched the official benchmark tool for Final Fantasy XIV expansion Shadowbringers. The benchmark will test your game system and will provide a scoring metric and the ability to change settings. The Benchmark Features Using the benchmark, you can also get a first peek at its new features, including fancy job skills and the upcoming artifact gear for […]

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward will be free-to-play for certain players

final fantasy xiv heavensward

According to Square Enix if you have the Final Fantasy XIV base game (A Realm Reborn) or the FFXIV Online Starter Edition you will be accessed to the Heavensward expansion. Add it to your account for free and keep it forever! The offer is valid for PlayStation 4, PC and Mac platforms. Those who have […]

Keita Amemiya’s design for Final Fantasy XIV: new blog post from developers


New dev blog from Final Fantasy XIV creators is full of marvelous concept art by Keita Amemiya, both black-and-white and colorful designs are provided, showing off all this graphic beauty created for Return to Ivalice alliance raid series. “The series started off as “the story of Ivalice within the world of FFXIV” and was said […]

Final Fantasy XIV launches a new patch and and slowly finishes its collab with GARO

Final Fantasy XIV garo

The partnership of GARO and Final Fantasy XIV has lasted for a long time and still continue to. Do you want to pick up the gear? You can go and do that right now. Or may be climb one of the achievement-based horse mounts? Still highly possible. But eventually, an endpoint can be seen in […]

Final Fantasy XI releases new patch with changes to White Mages; Feast of Swords’ preparations

Final Fantasy XI

The new era in Japan is coming. As the new emperor ascends, the end of the Heisei era comes and the start of the Reiwa era begins. So it makes the following update for Final Fantasy XI the first update of the Reiwa era, and developers decided to mark the beginning of Reiwa with White […]