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Division 2 has announced that additional content will be added to the game this year.

In a recent Division 2 message, Ubisoft said that additional content will be added to the game this year. The Title 12 update was originally planned as the last major content update and Boost for Division 2. The news came with little detail about what the new content would entail or how big the update […]

Outguard for division.

The recently reported Outguard event for division 2 starts today with new clothing and runs until January 11. As it became known, the event will be open to everyone who owns Warlords of New York and who completed the new York campaign there. The event itself includes 24 new items of clothing, and rewards and […]

The division 2 update is coming out..

Division 2 airs 12 title updates tomorrow. Which brings new people hunting, events, new rewards, and even some cool new features. One of them is the station, it has already been published news, which you can read. The new update will cover many areas , but it aims to provide the kind of content that […]

A little bit about Division 2.

So Division 2 is back this week with details about some of the quality-of-life improvements that should still be coming soon with this title update for season 12 and season 4, including some very old requests. The optimization station will be the main function. which will be in the title update 12. This extension is […]

Optimization station in Division 2.

Today I want to talk to you about the optimization station. Well, the new Title Update 12 for Division 2 marks the return of a powerful tool for endgame builds of players, and that is-optimization stations. With the optimization station, you can squeeze everything out of each piece of equipment. Before the station receives an […]

New Division 2 Updates today, March 25 and here are the full patch notes

The Division 2’s   Warlords of New York expansions latest and greatest update hits the game today, March 25th, it will follow the usual 3 hour downtime for server maintenance. One of the features that is changing in current update is return of health and armor values for enemies as well as for allies. Thus includes […]

The Division 2 Patch Notes: New Update Targets Warlords Of New York

The Division 2 will go into weekly maintenance on Tuesday, March 17, starting at 4:30 AM ET / 1:30 AM PT for around 3 hours, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. According to the patch notes, this update will fix issues that players have reported as part of the game’s Warlords of New York expansion, which rolled out […]

Warlords of New York – new DLC for The Division 2

New DLC for Division 2

A new big story DLC called “Warlords of New York” came out for multiplayer third person shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. It takes players to Manhattan familiar to them by the first game. Main antagonist of the story is renegade agent Aaron Keener, callsign “Vanguard”. He and his minions took over a part of […]