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The Season of Opulence for Destiny 2 will launch at the beginning of June & is a part of the roadmap this year

destiny 2 season of opulence

A true Destiny 2 fan? Then the June 4th must be a big day for you this year, because this is when the Season of Opulence starts, which will be the season of content on the roadmap for this year, so it must be massive. The Season of Opulence Prepare for the Solstice of Heroes […]

Update 2.2.2 for Destiny 2: patch notes, major issues fixed

destiny 2 update 2.2.2

Update 2.2.2 for Destiny 2 is out, fixing The Revelry issues with earning Triumphs and also the issue with Orbs of Light. The Orbs of Light Issue This one wasn’t allowing players to complete Triumphs, but Bungie reached to that problem and fixed it superfast, so no problems here no more, folks. So the solving […]

Xur’s offers and the Invitation of the Nine in Destiny 2 this week

destiny 2 xur may 4th

Xur is back this week to Destiny 2, with his Exotic  cargo, including two sets of gauntlets, leg armor, and a submachine gun (the Exotic Weapon of this week). This time his stocks look very alike with the end of March ones. He will wait for you on Io being near the Giant Scar. Xur inventory […]

Developers are massively leaving Destiny 2: the game’s future, players concerned

Destiny 2: devs are leaving

Despite a lot of Destiny 2 fans considered Bungie and Activision-Blizzard’s separation from each other as good news for the studio, the numbers of high-profile departues happened recently could predict tough times are coming for the Halo creator’s noted MMO shooter. The crew is dismissing It became known last weekend that ex-raid design lead Joe […]

Destiny 2: Invitations of the Nine, Xur is back with some new items this week, what to expect

Destiny 2

Xur is back to Destiny 2 this week and brought some new items and an another invitation with it. if you crave for a new armor visit Xur this week in Destiny 2, you can get some Exotic weapon, and pick up the latest Invitation of the Nine. You also can find the most gorgeous […]

Destiny 2 platforms are blocked by Sony to transfer characters between them

Destiny 2

As it’s reported, Sony is in charge of more than locking certain Destiny 2 content to PS4. Destiny 2 was the first game for PC in the series. There was a big hype about that news, for apparent reasons, but “will we be able to bring our console characters to PC” question was also on […]

Destiny 2: Forsaken PS4-exclusive weapon accidentally went live on PC and Xbox due to some bug

Destiny 2

This week’s Destiny 2 patch reaches to us with an unexpected change. Wavesplitter, the PS4-exclusive Exotic trace gun, is now available on PC, and Xbox One. PS4 exclusive content usually keeps locked for a year to Sony’s platform, before Bungie reveals it to everyone else. Since Wavesplitter launched with Forsaken last September, this was certainly […]