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The best MMOs in 2020

MMORPGs are massive in so many ways. Across hundreds of games, they bring in 10 billion dollars a year and have audiences that expand well into the tens of millions. In just World of Warcraft, players have collectively logged more time than our species has spent evolving on this planet—over 6 million years. The best […]

Black Desert combines console servers

Crossplay for console Black Desert players

Pearl Abyss announced adding cross-platform servers for MMORPD Black Desert on PlayStation4 and Xbox One. Now players of these two platforms can play on one server but only from the start because of need to save original economy and content (PS4 version is behind XONE on updates). This long-waited feature was the most asked by […]

Pearl Abyss Lead Producer on Black Desert PS4/XB1 optimization, content plans and crossplay

Black Desert Lead Producer Interview

Community manager Trent sat down with lead producer Kwangsam Kim to talk about Black Desert’s state and plans for PvE and PvP, console optimization issues and possibilities of crossplay.  CM Trent: Actually, you worked a lot on Black Desert Console. How did you feel working on the project? Kwangsam Kim: Hah…Working on Black Desert… […]

Black Desert PS4 version was announced; Black Desert Mobile will come to smartphones later this year

Black Desert PS4

A new expansion and new class wasn’t all the news from Pearl Abyss about Black Desert  world, another news bomb was dropped and it’s the Black Desert release over the world on PlayStation4. Pre-orders for a PS4 version of the game will start July 2. Pre-orders will include early access to the game and some in-game rewards. Black […]

New update for Black Desert Xbox One will endow you with new powers and weapons

black desert awakening

Awakening free content update came to Black Desert Xbox One, bringing the whole new way of fighting your enemies. Discover your past to unlock your future! Awakened Form All ten classes have got an ability to be Awakened, which boosts their powers, giving new skills and weapons. While fighting, characters can switch on/off the Awakened […]

The Underwater Ruins for Black Desert is live; Star’s End, the new location, is on it’s way

black desert stars end

Black Desert’s new expansion The Underwater Ruins has come to western PC version yesterday along with new baddies, loot, and three areas to dive in, since we’re going deep into the ocean now. In addition, a new Call of the Ocean event will be launched. Click here to read more about The Underwater Ruins expansion. […]

Black Desert Online’s new guild event for Xbox One version and new NPC, coming with the patch for PC

black desert guild attendance event

Black Desert Online devs represent a new patch that is not that big this time, but that’s understandable, since a big expansion for PC arrives next week. Seek for Poachers! The main feature of this patch is a poacher, which can be spotted in several Kamasylvia regions. He actually can reward you with some valuable […]

Black Desert news: Underwater Ruins expansion will be out on May 22nd; Valencia went live for Xbox One

black desert underwater ruins

This week we have two big news from Black Desert world: two new expansions, and one of them, Valencia, has already gone live on Xbox One, as another for online version will hit us in two weeks. Underwater Ruins The expansion for Black Desert Online will be out on May 22nd. It seemingly is all […]

Pearl Abyss takes the publishing rights for Black Desert’s South Korean version

pearl abyss Black desert

As MMO Culture reports, Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss takes the publishing rights for the South Korean version of its famous MMO from the popular game publisher Kakao Games. The Contract Details As the contract states, Pearl Abyss will own the publishing rights starting May 30th, and since that moment the developer will officially be […]

Black Desert for Xbox Game Pass launches on May 9th

black desert xbox game pass

This May is a blessed month for those Black Desert fans, who owns Xbox Game Pass, because the game will go live to that console on May 9th. Plus, for Game Pass members all editions of the Black Desert, Standard, Deluxe or Ultimate, is 20% off, and there’s a 10% discount on all consumer goods. […]