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Seems Like Anthem Prototyping will be a “Long Process”

  The May blog post for Anthem shares an update on the status of Anthem NEXT.   In a blog, written by Studio Director Christian Dailey, he reveals what is the most discussing in their team. The team calls this incubation, otherwise known as prototyping. He explains that the current team is quite small. Especially, […]

Anthem Update Fixes Legendary Runner Issue

Good news for Anthem players out there, EA has release a patch that will fix weekly challenges not rewarding players with precious loot. The Weekly Legendary Runner, Challenge was supposed to give a player 2,000 coins as a reward and add to the monthly count of challenges. The bug was that after players had completed […]

Anthem’s long-waited Cataclysm event was brought to talk on a livestream & goes on test server for PC

anthem cataclysm

BioWare has been teasing Anthem’s auditory with the mysterious Cataclysm since the game’s launching and even before, talking about the event like the feature that will make shiver even the most hardcore gamers. They promised the update release in May, but due to several missed deadlines the studio has cancelled the whole roadmap including the […]

Anthem update 1.1.1: Elysian Caches is taken away, a bunch of small issues fixed

Anthem Elysian Caches

A new Anthem update 1.1.1 has released yesterday and removed Elysian Caches from the end of Strongholds. Elysian Caches Removing As Bioware said before, this expansion was a temporary feature, so players should have been prepared. Although, there’s always a possibility, that Elysian Caches will be brought back. The reason is, there are 162 items […]

Anthem loses its leaderships, developers are leaving the team, Reddit is full of fans’ disappointment

anthem devs leave

Anthem’s dev team lose its members one after another – not that good news for players who wanted some pieces recently. The Dismission of Dev Crew So, several senior leaderships are not going to work on the game anymore. Reddit was flooded with the moans of disappointment, as three of the leads, producer Michael Gamble, […]

The new Anthem update: Bioware delays many promised features and expected Cataclysms


Anthem’s roadmap now seems completely unneeded, since BioWare said it won’t be able to deliver. Anthem’s big 1.1.0 patch launched on April 24’s night, and despite it has new maintenance and a bunch of expected features, it brought some bad news as well. Anthem’s content and events roadmap, which BioWare had represented soon after the […]

Yesterday’s patch 1.1.0 for Anthem includes a ‘sunken’ city and allows gear changes mid-mission


Were you wonder how Anthem‘s storyline will go on and when will we see a new update? Long (and complicated) answer short: it’s already here. BioWare added to the player’s critical path, which includes the Sunken Cell fortress addition in patch, which was released yesterday. Sure, fortresses are in general very light on the storytelling aspects […]

The following Anthem’s update: loot issues

anthem javelin

Anthem’s main manager, Jesse Anderson, has announced that changes coming in the game’s April 8 update that will influence drop rates and Elysian Caches. The update, planned to be released on Monday, will seemingly “greatly reduce” the possibility of Javelin components dropping for builds that players aren’t using. Anderson, also mentioned that the changes will also make it possible […]