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Camelot Unchained talks about hiring, fixes and other updates.

The absolutely latest community newsletter for Camelot Unchained talks about hiring, fixes and other updates in the development area.The update itself begins with an update of the hiring situation. It turns out that a new senior user interface engineer has recently joined the team. In particular, it seems that the team has expanded a little more over the past two months.

In particular, the update affects various updates for the development of Camelot Unchained, including various improvements for preventing obstacles in the navigation network, flying objects, rag doll behavior and debugging animations. But other updates include improvements for building a conveyor, Superintelligence, ability updates, Archer class, weather improvements, terrain and much more. In addition, the update affects several bug fixes made by the team,

  • Rob and Bull fixed several bugs related to crashes or usability in our tools, which allowed our designers and artists to work more efficiently and with less headaches.
  • Rob fixed a bug where visual effects resulting from status changes applied to other objects could sometimes disappear prematurely.
  • Rob fixed a bug where physical objects that should be attached to the terrain are actually attached to the terrain.
    Mike Dee fixed the problem where the corpses stood motionless on any client that connected after the death of the entity.

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