Camelot Unchained’ siege testing: hundreds of trebuchets are unlishing

Camelot Unchained

The last month in Camelot Unchained have been spent doing intensely savage things to an extremely charming castle, and this past week wasn’t an exception. Siege storyline testing on the 9 million-block castle proceeded to increase rapidly, with 200 trebuchets, plus large amount of characters in that damn Assault of Masochist Keep.

Past event’s screenshots offer some technical details and some imposing battle perspective; on one hand, the server player count shows 1,100 with a 29 FPS rate at a resolution of 1920×1080 — a testament to the efforts Camelot Unchained made to make sure a huge amount of machines can support the game.

“Andrew likes to joke that you could play the game on a modem, but he’s right. While that might not seem important in a world where people can stream 4K movies, when you want to make an MMO that people across the world can play, having an engine like ours is a powerful advantage for us.”

The dev team is still looking to further improve the siege plot and the weekly update develops on other progress across the board, so we suggest to look for more details.

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