Camelot Unchained have focused on boosting their team

So, according to the latest monthly blog update, the developers of the MMORPG City State Entertainment Camelot Unchained have focused on boosting their team and adding new systems and features to eventually make a full-fledged game. This game was developed for about 7 years and it’s just a kick-ass.
At this time, the game is focused on improving the game’s performance and implementing a more stable character progression system, which should sort of move on to future trail tests.output.
We’ve always had basic persistence, but in the upcoming sprint(sprints), we want you guys to see your character’s skills improve from server cleanup to server cleanup,” CSE says. “We are happy to finally get to this stage, but this is the plan for now, until we get it and work as expected.”
The game developers also talked about the dragon web, updating the NPC behavior stack, giant races, time of day, saving the NPC champion, updated item restrictions, rendering improvements, server stability, path finding, bug fixes, and more.
Below, I attach an interesting video that I think you will be cool to see. Video of course goes 2 hours, but I think that the fans can do this, but you can always just put the video on acceleration.



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