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Call to Arms is the newest mode that got into Red Dead Online.

Call to Arms is the newest mode to hit Red Dead Online this week as it heads out into the wild west. Call to Arms is now available with triple RDO$, XP and Gold for everyone who plays this week, plus a 30% discount offer on any beginner or Promising item for the role that you will receive within 72 hours. During the call to arms, you will protect the locals from waves of incoming enemies in cities and towns such as Blackwater, Strawberry, McFarlane Ranch and various other places.

You can get an additional $ 100 RDO for those who visit all four Blood Money donors this week (Sean McGuire, Joe, James Langton and Anthony Foreman), while Capitale has an increased chance of being detected while committing crimes. Quick Draw Club # 2 is now available with rare items and bonuses that include 25 gold bars to recoup its full value, plus buying all four parts of the Quick Draw Club will earn you a reward for a free pass to Halloween 2.

Meanwhile, members of the # 1 Quick Draw Club who purchase a second pass within the next two weeks will receive $ 300 RDO and 2,000 character experience points for 72 hours. The Cornwall Contract is a new criminal contract aimed at the notorious tycoon Levitus Cornwall. This week’s discounts include 5 Gold Bars from the Moonshine Shack, a 40% discount on all Moonshine Shack upgrades, Photos of the Moonshine Bar and all sniper rifles, as well as a 30% discount on all Emotions, Norfolk Roadster Horses and all Cosmetic Items for Moonshiners.

Returning items of the outlaw pass include Clelland’s clothing, which was worn by John Marston, and Rafferty’s armband, which can now be purchased from Madame Nazar.

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