First trailer of free battle royal Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone debut trailer released

Call of Duty: Warzone debut trailer

After several leaks, Activision finally unveiled a free battle royal.

Activision finally surrendered and presented the debut trailer for the free battle-royal Call of Duty: Warzone. As it became known earlier from leaks, this will be a separate royal battle, and not associated with CoD: Modern Warfare.

Warzone will include two modes: the battle royal itself and Plunder. In the first, 150 players will fight each other on the map, trying to overtake the deadly gas cloud (the so-called zone). And in the second, gamers will have to comb through the entire map for loot and kill other players in order to collect their money and earn a tidy sum to win.

Both modes will take place in Verdansk, which is a new map, a mix of old and new places. There will be a city to be fought for, but you can also make a choice for the forest and mountains. According to Activision themselves, there are about 300 key points on the map, and each zone will have its own landmark, including a timber depot and a dam. Also, players will be able to move on it in vehicles. For example, on an ATV, an all-terrain vehicle, an SUV, a truck and even a helicopter.

In addition, a new respawn system is coming. Once in the Gulag, the prisoner will have the opportunity to fight with another player. The winner of the battle will return to the game, and the loser will be able to be redeemed by his team for a fee.

More information about the modes will appear tomorrow. The owners of Modern Warfare will get an advantage, since the battle-royal release will be available four hours earlier than for everyone else.

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