Call Of Duty Warzone Gets A New Two Step Authentication

Call Of Duty Warzone Gets Two Step Authentication

Call of Duty: Warzone plenty players has been seduced into an endless circle of dropping and shooting. Along with all the numbers of players, the number of cheaters increased too. With all these Infinity Ward had to introduce two-step SMS authentication for all the new players.

Verdansk has become so rife with cheating that last month Infinity Ward handed out 70,000 bans. At the time, more security and improved reporting features was taken care of.

The thing that satisfies players the most was announced couple of weeks ago. Suspected cheaters will have to face each by force and loose with the rules.

Despite the amount of cheaters, Warzone looks like sticking around for a long time. It is expected to become the one constant in the prolific series. Taylor Kurosaki also recently called it the through line that is expected to connect all the different sub-franchises of Call of Duty.

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