The Burning Crusade expansion for WoW Classic is coming June 1

In the meantime, while the upcoming classic add-on CBT is inaccessible to many players, an unexpected leak occurred in the vastness of Specifically, one of the Reddit users was accidentally shown an ad for The Burning Crusade Classic with a release date.

The incident took place at the Heroes of the Storm’s main page. And there, in an ad, the user was asked to return to Outland territory in early summer – June 1. By the way, the ad itself was quickly removed.

However, the community thinks this is a “stub”. This is caused by the fact that a prepatch must be released before starting classic servers. And it should give the opportunity to pump the character in advance.

On the other hand, Blizzard should have enough time even with a three-week preparatory phase. If the official release date is announced now, of course.

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