Bungie has announced a "new era" of Destiny 2 and goes to E3

Bungie has announced a “new era” of Destiny 2 and will drop the details 2 days after Season of Opulence’s launching and at E3 2019

destiny 2 new era

Next chapter of Destiny 2’s has been announced. According to official twitter post, that the stream conference will be held on June 6, so the new era reveal happens two days after Season of Opulence starts. We don’t know what Bungie has prepared to show us, they didn’t put any details, not even a vague hint, so we only can guess.

Is That Really New Era?

It’s unusual for Bungie drop era changing news not when fall comes to us, but since they say “new era”, all our hopes to something big, not just a regular update. But literally no one expected to hear something that soon. We hope, you’re glad, that the future comes faster. Also this is a big moment for the studio, since Bungie split from publisher Activision and took the rights to Destiny. Although the additional content releases were scheduled, there is a brand new chapter, and devs got to manage it on their own wholly.

Bungie at E3

There is the other news in the Destiny 2 world. Bungie will also host a panel titled “The Future of Bungie and Destiny 2” at E3 2019, on Tuesday, June 11. Probably we also will know more about new stuff, during the studio’s performance.

Don’t forget about Season of Opulence, which will go live next Tuesday, featuring new challenges, loot, and lore, a new six-player activity called the Menagerie, and more.

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