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Broken Perk has been ruining the matches in CoD Warzone for months

The perk “ghost” is one of the most important passive skills in Call of Duty: Warzone and has apparently been causing problems for quite a while. There are videos on Youtube showing that the perk is not working properly. Now the developers have confirmed this and are holding out the prospect of a fix.

If you put your loadout together in Call of Duty: Warzone, a question arises at the beginning: Do you build a loadout with the perk “Overkill” for a second primary weapon or it will be a loadout with “Ghost”, so that you are better protected from reconnaissance?

Spirit is important to protect yourself from the heartbeat sensor and reconnaissance drones in Warzone. But you can’t really rely on it right now – and have probably been for months. Now the developers have recognized the problem.

Perk hasn’t worked properly for months

The problem started in July at the latest. Back then there were the first videos about the broken ghost perk, but the error probably only occurred in private matches.

It is no longer possible to determine when the malfunction was carried over to the public matches. But even this mistake could have been “wandering around” for months and ruin your matches.

What is wrong with the perk? The insidious thing about the error is that it occurs so irregularly. In Youtube videos, the enemy can be seen in the house through a reconnaissance drone on the mini-map. Then there is a fight with other players and the enemy in the house is a little forgotten.

But player remembers the ping on the mini-map and checks the roof of the house. And lo and behold: the enemy is actually still lurking up there and the flawed spirit perk of the enemy is his undoing.

How are things going now? The developers of Raven Software recently spoke up, confirmed the problems with the perk and announced a bug fix.

It is not yet possible to estimate how long the fix will take. The error is currently being investigated and is therefore not yet in the “fix phase”. Instead, the developers first look to see why Ghost is not working correctly.

It shouldn’t take too long, however. The errors entered in the Trello board enjoy high priority and the appropriate fix for them may come next week with the playlist update from October 28th.

How should you react to that? That’s really hard to answer right now. In general, rely less on the ghost perk and get overkill and a second primary weapon with the first loadout delivery of your match. Do not use Ghost until later, when you take up a second loadout – the perk apparently works in some cases.

Otherwise all you have to do is wait for the fix. With such an important perk as Ghost, this is annoying, but cannot be avoided at the moment.

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