Broke Protocol’s Repair and Rearm update adds new items and some repairs

Broke Protocol

It’s time for the courageous artists of Blade and Soul to give a test their spirit against The Lord of the Inferno and the Sacred Longgui as the Legends Reborn event started on April 10.

The Ring of Reckoning, the Desolate Mausoleum, and the Burning Mausoleum are now available and special attainments, titles, and trophies wait for those who successfully beat the bosses lying in wait in every of the mentioned before event dungeons. Players can also take part in the Bloomtime Jackpot Event where specific apparels are up for takes.

Dungeon and raid difficulties are now lower, skills re-balanced, and new Reward Selection chests provided. You can see the full patch notes on the Blade and Soul official site.

NCSOft has also said that they will be combining their servers on April 24th “to unify the raiding people preparing the upcoming content.” The two North American servers will be combined into Yura and the three European servers will be united into Jinsoyun. Character transfer service has been forbidden for now and purchased Transfers refunded by 6pm PDT last night. Players, who want to buy or sell gold, can do so until April 21st at 10am PDT. Currency Exchange services will start again after the servers have been successfully combined on April 24th.


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