Breakpoint will have hardcore mode

Breakpoint goes hardcore

At the end of March, third person shooter Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will receive a major update that will introduce the hardcore mode «Deep Immersion». Players will be allowed to use equipment without levels, pick up weapons from defeated enemies and change the difficulty level.

Looks like developers remember their promises about «True hardcore gameplay». But otherwise it’s strange, because game was released too long ago.

Levels will be removed from the equipment in it, so it will be possible to complete the game with any weapon. We will be allowed to pick up enemy guns from other categories and switch between them.

It will be possible to use one or two types of primary weapons. Unused ammo will disappear from clip when reloading. Also, users will be able to configure the endurance system, bandage reserve, wound frequency, health restoration mechanics and interface elements.

You can evaluate both modes – «Normal game» and «Deep immersion» (you can switch between them at any time), at all levels of difficulty.

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