Borderlands 2 is under review attack, user scores can be removed

Borderlands 2 is under review attack, user scores might be thrown out

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The first game which got Steam’s “off-topic review activity” flag in its user reviews was Borderlands 2, according to new settlement  that went into effect last month to calm down the review attack by gamers who are unsatisfied over everything, including devs, publishers and god knows what else.

On Borderlands 2’s customer reviews page, in 2012 game was called “overwhelmingly positive” by 92,497 user reviews, and 1,107 recent reviews reported that game is “very positive.” In addition, the last week range of reviews “contain an abnormal set of reviews that we believe are largely unrelated to the likelihood that you would enjoy the product.” These reviews are removed from Borderlands 2’s cumulative reputation score. But even wildly popular games like Destiny 2 actually suffer a lot of negative reviews at times, so it’s a common thing in the industry.

What’s the reason?

Gamers are cussing mentioned game on Steam because Gearbox Software and 2K Games declared on April 3 that the Windows PC version of Borderlands 3 is going to be exclusive to the upstart Epic Games Store for six months after launch. This is the third primary Epic’s store exclusive, that was released in December 2018. Metro: Exodus and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 both abstained from Steam for the Epic Games Store, irritating gamers in the same way but not that much.

Seeking the solution.

The continuous flow of reviews has appeared a big problem to Steam and the publishers and developers selling games there, so Valve, on March 15, announced plans to pick out and exclude off-topic protests. It was the latest in several tries to get rid of the attacks. Before that there was used graphs picking “temporary distortions” in the feedback section and ranking which marked reviews as helpful, unhelpful, or “funny.” Anyway the game’s total score are calculated including every review, “good” or “bad.”

As Valve’s Doug Lombardi mentioned last night when a period of player review activity is indicated as unsure, any review placed during this period won’t count toward the game’s general review score. But, the reviews will continue to exist and users will be able to read it and also change their preferences to include them in the general review score.

Epic Games has come an object of criticism from a host of statements, false or less so, but all linked to the fact a AAA game is on its store and not Steam. Epic Games Store still doesn’t have user reviews, and Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney has said that he won’t add that option till the company is completely sure it has arrangements in place that counteract review-attackers. Sweeney also affirmed that when user reviews are realized, developers will have a feature to choose some of them to allow for their games. If they don’t, none will be accepted.

More announces.

Epic Games announced at GDC 2019 that the Epic Games Store has three more highly expected titles which are represented as PC exclusives at launch: Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds, Remedy’s Controland Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, the Patrice Désilets’ new studio’ first game, Panache Digital Games. Quantic Dream also announced three games from previous years— 2010’s Heavy Rain, 2013’s Beyond: Two Souls and last year’s Detroit: Become Human — to PC as Epic Games Store exclusives. That’s all we have so far.

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