Blood Rites is back to the west: details and features

Blood Rites is back to the west: details and features

Blood Rites

Already has launched once back in 2011 Blood Rites made its coming to the western side again. The game was launched a month ago, April 1st. Blood Rites is free-to-play, but offers optional in-game purchases.

The Game Details

It’s a 3D online-multiplayer showing a magic universe full of mystery, wizardry and brave heroes. You can experience the great journey walking through mystical lands and solving puzzles left by divine ones. The MMO includes four archetypes: Archer, Mage, Warrior and Bard. They can be transformed into new ones when player reaches level 20. Players also will find guild wars, arena battles and a spell casting system.


  • Finishing Touch: Use the advanced customization system to make your characters unique giving them different traits and features.
  • Slither Fast: Lay low and wait till victim comes and surprise them with attack, then loot.
  • Group Attack: Combine your efforts with other players to defeat the raid-boss.
  • A New Challenge: Go for adventure to a multi-person dungeon exploring a plenty of unforgettable zones.

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