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BlizzCon 2022 has just been canceled

BlizzConline 2022 has been canceled, there will be no big event. Does that also mean that there are no new games? This year has been really bad for the complany. The only thing that hit the mark recently is D2R Items and Runes, released very successfully on PC and consoles on Sept 23rd.

When it comes to Blizzard, there has been a lot of negative news in the last few months. For many long-time fans, the upcoming “BlizzConline” in February 2022 was a glimmer of hope. But it has now been canceled by Blizzard. They would rather put the energy into developing games and revise the whole event in the future.

What was said: an official message on the Blizzard website announced that BlizzConline, the online version of BlizzCon, scheduled for February 2022, will be canceled. That was “a difficult decision, but the right one”.

Above all, it is emphasized that BlizzCon is always supported by the whole company. Most of the employees have to take care of the planning and execution and that ties up a lot of resources. This year the aim is to put the necessary energy “ideally into supporting the teams and promoting the development of the players”.

BlizzCon is to be revised: At the same time, Blizzard wants to revise the concept of BlizzCon and adapt it to the current zeitgeist. The first BlizzCon was 16 years ago, and “a lot has changed since then – especially the many ways in which players and communities come together and feel part of something bigger.” The event is meant to be whatever it is going forward will look, “feel safe, inviting, and be as inclusive as possible”.

Blizzard wants to be in contact with the community and BlizzCon has always played a big role here and should continue to do so in the future.

So is nothing new coming out? Yes, that is also made clear. Although there is no BlizzCon, there will still be news and updates about the individual games, which will then take place via other channels – just as before. So it is said:

We have lots of exciting news and releases to talk about. You will hear about it in the future via the channels of the individual franchises, supported by the talented team that otherwise runs BlizzCon.

So you don’t have to worry about new releases, they will continue to be announced, even without a major trade fair around them.

Do you think Blizzard‘s decision is a good one? Or would you have been looking forward to another BlizzConline?

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