BlizzCon 2021 is cancelled

BlizzCon 2021: Blizzard cancels event for this year

Last year, Blizzard Entertainment was forced to cancel the classic BlizzCon due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and its related effects. As a replacement, a fully digital BlizzConline was held earlier this year. But if you were hoping that this event could take place again this November, as usual, you will be very disappointed.

Because, as Blizzard Entertainment’s executive producer Saralyn Smith announced, there won’t be BlizzCon in classic or familiar form in 2021 either. Ongoing restrictions and unforeseen circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic prevent the company from planning and organizing an event of this kind in time for November. Therefore, the team with a heavy heart decided not to hold this year’s event in its in-person form. However, Blizzard plans to host a “global event” “early next year,” the company said Wednesday.

Next year’s global event will include an online show like BlizzConline in February and “small face-to-face meetings.” The company reports it will reveal more information about this event in the future.

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