Blizzard forums announced that they will finally be fixing the engeance Demon Hunter magic.

Yesterday, Blizzard forums announced that they will finally be fixing the engeance Demon Hunter magic damage bug in the upcoming World of Warcraft weekly reset on March 30. This reset will also show some changes in tank liabilities.

Blizzard made announcements on the World of Warcraft forums today, detailing its case for solving this problem now, rather than in the future, in a patch. Citing the “scale of the error,” Blizzard chose to address the issues surrounding the Revenge Demon Hunter now rather than later.

By the way, Beetle has seen Revenge Demon Hunters in World of Warcraft take about 15% less magic damage than they should have.

“Recently, players noticed that Revenge Demon Hunters seem to be taking 15% less magic damage than expected. We investigated and found the bug that caused this.When specialization succeeds in maintaining raids and dungeons, we prefer to wait to rein them in until the next major patch, which will bring with it all new challenges, different gear, and other changes that will shake up the balance. This is because even if we improve the overall balance, mid-level nerfs can force entire groups to potentially fight off the contents of a raid or dungeon that they previously could have completed without problems, and this is especially true for the tank role.”

So, in the weekly maintenance coming March 30, Blizzard is addressing this issue, as well as making some changes to offset the effect this change will have on the groups running on the Vengeance tank. To fix the bug, Blizzard increases the Demon Hunter’s passive Demonic Wards by 5%. Passives for other tank specializations, such as Third War Veteran for Blood Knights, will see a 10% reduction in damage taken.

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