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Blizzard explained how the flight will work in the patch.

So, flying in an MMO can be a controversial topic, but for better or worse, depending on your angle, it’s here to stay. Blizzard took to its website to detail how it will work when Chains of Domination, the 9.1 patch for World of Warcraft Shadowlands, comes out later this year.In previous World of Warcraft expansions, flying in a specific region requires a Pathfinder achievement to gain wings. Not so in Chains of Dominance, as Blizzard claims, players will earn on flights quite early in their Covenant campaigns.

“Earn your wings and a special covenant-themed mount in the next major content update of Chain of Dominion! Instead of challenging you with the Pathfinder achievement as in previous expansions, you will instead earn a flight into the Shadow Realm at the start of new chapters of your Covenant campaign.”

Players will need to complete a specific quest in the “Last Sign” storyline, which in turn will reward them with what Blizzard calls “Memories of Sunless Skies. “┬áThis is a consumable that will give a flying dash to all of your account’s characters to take to the skies in Shadowlands. However, it takes a bit of preparatory work to get to the point required to complete the Covenant quest, as players must be at least known at level 40 before the Chains of Dominance are in effect to get started. You will also need to complete the current Covenant campaign to begin your journey to gain your wings in the world of the Shadowlands. For those who earn their wings, your horses will be different depending on your Covenant.

“Your heroic deeds in the name of your covenant will also reward you with a horse suitable for the most decorated Covenant champions when you reach Glory 45. Kyrian players will glide on the backs of an Elysian Aquilon, Night Faeries will ride majestic wolf snakes, necrolords will charge into battle on corpse flies, and Venthir will take to the skies on a newly awakened Stoneborn.”

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