Blizzard Entertainment is paving the way for the launch of the World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion.

As it became known, Blizzard Entertainment is paving the way for the launch of the World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion later this month with an already pre-expansion event where players are likely to face the scourge. The two-hour event will last until the expansion is released and will give higher players a chance to earn tokens to buy an exclusive set of Argent Recruit armor, a Putrid Geist battle pet,and an Anti-Doom broom.

The first part of the event, called Death Rising, is now live and will last until next week. Players who are above level 48 will be able to participate in the event by accepting the “urgent request” call to arms quest, which will start the storyline in the capital of your chosen faction.

“After Sylvanas Windrunner destroyed the helm of dominion, the dead are no longer shackled and now roam freely across Azeroth, spreading corruption and turning the living into mindless corpses. As we fall, there are more and more of them, and they threaten to destroy all life in Azeroth.In the first week of preparation for the launch of the Shadowlands, rise of death, you will gather intelligence in the areas surrounding Stormwind and Orgrimmar, which are now overrun by the scourge, and report back to the silver crusade in Icecrown. Together, you will face a growing resurgence of the sinister cult of the damned and destroy the scourge. As soon as you complete the “promotion effort”, you will unlock the daily quests in Icecrown. If you continue to help in this heroic effort, you will receive new rewards, including silver rewards that you can use to purchase time-limited items offered only during the event, such as equipment and Pets.”

The second part of the event will start on the track.week and will last until the extension’s launch day on November 23.

“Starting from the second week and leading to the realm of shadows, you will be visited by a dark figure of mysterious origin, whose presence excites you. Working together, you will help the silver crusade destroy this harbinger from the realms of death that threatens life on Azeroth. Completing ‘only shadows remain’ will give you access to even more daily quests, increasing your earning potential for rewards before the death rebellion ends.”

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