Blizzard asked players about the upcoming level squish

Blizzard asked players’ opinions about the upcoming level squish, throwing a survey

wow a level squish

Blizzard is making surveys about an upcoming into World of Warcraft level squish, a topic first floated by the game director Ion Hazzikostas in an earlier Q&A.

The Survey

Screens from the survey were posted to Imgur and Reddit on June 12. The first question is “are you aware that the maximum level of 120 will be reduced in the future”, which strongly implies that the squish is actually will happen.

Another question asks “how much would you like or dislike a reduction in character levels?” The Level Squish will reduce the total number of levels required to access the all new game content. The new level cap is going to be way lower than the current level cap of 120.

A Level Squish

Reducing the number of levels a player need to climb to reach the most current content is, according to Hazzikostas, “kind of an empty experience” for players and that older content simply doesn’t matter much. By reducing the number of levels a player has to attain, talents can be redistributed so that players are actually feeling stronger through gaining new skills and with fewer gaps between big increases in power, thanks to talents.

In July last year, game director Ion Hazzikostas said a level squish has been discussed and might possibly happen, but back then it was quite difficult due to technical side of the issue. As far as we know, it hasn’t been formally announced, so it’s a bit strange to have it confirmed by a survey. In any case, Hazzikostas has said it’s possible, after all.

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