Bless Unleashed Mage Class trailer is out to show all the mage skills

Bless Unleashed Mage Class trailer is out to show you how to fight foes with just a stick

bless unleashed mage class

The Bless Unleashed Mage Class trailer has released, so you can picture this one in action, starting with its explosive entrance and continuing with demonstrating the whole arsenal of skills throughout the video.

Mage Class

This class don’t need any weapon to put the foes down, they can do that with only a stick, loading it with their magical power. Of course, the Mages themselves assailable, since in addition to no weapon they don’t have armor too. So they can die to any powerful attack. Well, at least Mage can seemingly do dodging moves. Game economy in game is very interesting. It utilizes two currencies: Gold that you get from monsters and Bless Unleshed Star Seeds – main currency used for trading, enhancing etc.

“As players build-up mana they can unleash the arcane fury of the Mage and rain down a storm of elemental combos on their foes. Although not as heavily armored as some of other classes, the Mage’s ability to enforce its will upon the battlefield is second-to-none.”

Bless Unleashed will go live on Xbox One later this year, as it’s expected. You also can sign up for the beta on the game’s official website, if you wish.

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