Bless Unleashed is hosting the GM Battlefield event on June 19.

Well, Bless Unleashed is hosting the GM Battlefield event on June 19. What can we expect from this?What’s going to happen next?Let’s get this straight. And let’s talk about the schedule. This GM Battlefield event will take place on Physera, Lumenas, and Iraphos in addition to Teleos and Paetion.

The times are as follows:
Physera/Lumenas & Iraphos: 4AM, 10AM, 5PM, 11PM
Teleos & Paetion: 5: 30am, 11: 30am, 6: 30pm, 9: 30pm.

And what can players expect during the event? Players will be able to face off against GMS, as the name of the event suggests. Players will also be able to participate in four events on each server. However, players can choose to fight with GMS if they don’t want to face them head-on.

But keep in mind that not all players can fight against or with a grandmaster. This is not a guarantee, just considering the different logistics. In addition, GMS will not be able to use GM credentials during the event. Therefore, they will use operational equipment. Of course, there will be awards, just like at any event. The prizes are divided into participation prizes and consolation prizes. These prizes include:

Participation Prize:
Players who join GM battlefield during the event will receive 10x Battlefield Potions.
Consolation Prize:
Players who join Red Basin battlefield during the event but don’t make it to GM battlefield will receive 3x Battlefield Potions.

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