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Bless Unleashed is hosting a dungeon round event next Saturday.

So, about Bless Unleashed, the dungeon round event is being held next Saturday, August 14. During the event, you will be assigned to manage five dungeons, three lairs or one dungeon where you can earn a lot of Star Seeds currency. To participate correctly, you will have to run the same arena five times or the same lair three times during a given time period. Only then will you be eligible to receive rewards.

After completing the dungeon once, you will be rewarded with five green colors in addition to various other rewards that you have collected. The schedule of the dungeon round tournament is as follows:

  • Fizera/Lumenas/Irafos: 4AM, 10AM, 5PM, 11PM.
  • Opening hours: 2: 30 AM, 8: 30 AM, 3: 30 PM, 9: 30 pm.

Bless Unleashed was released just a few days ago on PC. Before the launch, there was an opportunity to talk with the Round8 studios about the PC version of the game. Here’s what they said:

“The development of updates for PCs and consoles will take place in the same way as possible. However, as mentioned in the question, updating the PC platform may be a little faster, and minor differences may occur. As for the PC release, new content that has not yet been released on the console will be shown first, but this content will soon be followed on the console in the same month.”

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