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Bless unleashed in 2021 is released on PC

Neowiz has announced that they plan on porting the Bless Unleashed MMORPG   that was exclusive to the Xbox platform up until this point to PC.

Yes, if being scammed out of your money via their ridiculously priced ($200??!) Founder’s Pack when they had announced Bless Online would be buy-to-play wasn’t bad enough after the game was converted to a free-to-play title, you can throw even more money at Neowiz after they announce Founder’s Packs for Bless Unleashed next year.

The MMORPG is confirmed to be coming out “Early 2021,” and unlike Bless Unleashed, which is developed by Round 8 Studio and published and managed by Bandai Namco, it looks as though Neowiz will be self-publishing the game. A community manager from Bandai Namco and the Bless Unleashed team took to Reddit to clarify the following:

“BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America is working closely with Neowiz to build and deliver the best Bless Unleashed experience possible for the Xbox One. In addition to continued support and growth of Bless Unleashed on Xbox One, Neowiz intends to independently publish Bless Unleashed on PC. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment will not be publishing or supporting the PC version. There will be no cross-platform play between the versions.”

Not only did they want to make it abundantly clear that Bandai Namco will not have anything at all to do with the PC release, but they also wanted to verify that there will be no cross-play functionality between the two versions of the game, with Bandai Namco trying to distance themselves in every way possible. This is.. very disconcerting news. But main game currency will remain the same. Bless Unleashed Star Seeds needed to buy staff at the auction house and will also come only from exchanging gold. Regardless, Neowiz are going through with this and we can expect to see it, along with their ridiculously priced Founder’s Packs at the beginning of next year. Yes?


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