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Bless Unleashed for PC the final beta test will take place next month.

Well, for Bless Unleashed for PC, the final beta test will take place next month and Neowiz and Round8 Studio will announce that the test includes most of the player feedback from previous tests.Beta testing will start on May 12 and last until May 16. This beta includes “a lot of changes” in response to player feedback according to developer Round8 Studios. As Bless Unleashed approaches its summer release, the beta test will be the last chance to provide basic feedback to the team after testing ahead of this launch.

Also, Bless Unleashed will allow you to test the Lumena in-game store during beta testing, although players will not have to worry about spending real money during the event. During the event, developers will be giving away free Lumena, a premium BU currency.

The team will give out participation rewards to those who took part in the test leading up to the launch, such as an in-game valor perk for 7 days, a new mount, and an exclusive “Breaker of Games”title.

“We will be conducting final reviews of various parts of the game, such as UI/UX, combat, and content, which have been improved thanks to the feedback received from the previous CBT. The features of the Lumena in-game store will also be checked to make sure that it works properly on the PC.”

Bless Unleashed has been released for a year on Xbox One, as well as on PlayStation 4. In our review last year, we enjoyed the world around us, from the big cities to some of the characters, it was nice. However, the grind, the delayed battle, and the uninspired plot left much to be desired.

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