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Bless Unleashed finally lowered the requirements.

Well, the latest update to Bless Unleashed finally reduces the entry-level requirements for multiple dungeons. The update leads to the start of the event on Market Street, as well as several sales and entry-level settings for the dungeons themselves. These include the arena, lairs, and dungeons. The dungeons and level changes in question include:

  • Mausoleum of Savantis-Altar of Blood ( from 29 to 17)
  • Rutus Mines-Halls of the Dead (30 to 29)
  • Kobold’s Lair-Hell’s Kitchen ( 20 to 17)
  • Dreamscale Ruins-Split Sanctuary (30 to 28)

    And in , the following is observed in the lairs:
  • Rotten Canyon (from 24 to 19)
  • Archon of Fire ( from 30 to 28)
  • Crimson Waterfall ( from 26 to 23)
  • Lair of the Wolf King (from 28 to 25)
  • Nest of the Harpy Queen (from 30 to 29)
  • Bloody Arena (from 22 to 19)

Also, the update makes some adjustments in the location of the NPC, including Karzakan and Navarra. The density of monsters has also been changed, as has the balance for some monsters that appear during campaign quests. Skill and quest adjustments were also included.

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