Bless Unleashed: new changes in PC version

Bless Unleashed: new changes in the PC version

Bless Unleashed will go on release on August 6 and the developers continue to polish the game with might and main. Most recently, they announced that they have applied some of the extensive changelog from the last testing, and many more are on the way.

First of all, the combat system was improved: additional, class-unique combos and skills, as well as “Blessings” appeared. The latter are specialized abilities with an individual mechanism and control.

In addition, the authors improved the training system, added information about fresh skills, worked on the balance of fatigue spending, the difficulty of combat and dungeons.

There have been general improvements to the UI, keyboard and mouse controls, removed boring start-up quests, and fixes for matchmaking.

In the near future, Neowiz and Round8 promise to share more information about the perfect and planned innovations. The work, according to the assurances of representatives of the studios, continues and will not end until the release of the game on August 6.

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