BlazeSky: space action game is released on Steam in the fall

Independent lone developer will Iverson, who performs under the label of the Studio Double Robot, is preparing to release his science fiction role-playing action movie BlazeSky. The game, which resembles both Asteroids and Rebel Galaxy, is due to be released on Steam in the fall.

In BlazeSky, we will get the role of an independent spaceport that explores three dozen different unique star systems created manually. The game’s plot is inspired by classic and modern science fiction.

Starting their journey in the safe Terran Republic, players will be able to meet a variety of friendly and useful characters in a series of missions to explore the ancient mysteries of the galaxy. Each potential ally has its own motives and needs.

We will be allowed to choose which missions to undertake: exploration, rescue, diplomatic or combat. And the heroes will face a lot of enemies: barbarian raiders, survivors of the genocide, artificial intelligence carriers, marauders from a parallel reality, hostile aliens.

BlazeSky’s storyline campaign to explore the galaxy and save civilization should take 25-30 hours.

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