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Blade & Soul Revolution has received its first update.

So, Blade & Soul Revolution has received its first update, introducing the war of factions.The first update of the recently launched mobile game received an update a week after launch. You will have a choice between joining the two main factions in the game. Joining these factions will open up several activities, including competitive and cooperative ones, as you would expect.

By the way, in addition to this, now every day therewill be large-scale factional battles. They will be open to all players. You can watch the introductory video for the Faction Wars below.



And when the game was launched, the team released a statement for those players who have played PC Blade & Soul MMO and what they can expect in the mobile version:

Players new to Blade & Soul IP can look forward to an updated and streamlined experience in Blade & Soul Revolution, as in-game improvements to the game’s hunting mechanics, player balance, and player growth rate have been made to better match the sensibilities of Western players.

By the way, the Game includes five professions, including Blade Master, Destroyer, Kung Fu Master, Force Master, and Summoner. If you’re interested in Blade & Soul Revolutions, check it out on the App Store and Google Play.

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