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Blade & Soul Mischief Maker was released just yesterday.

So, the Blade & Soul Mischief Maker update came out just yesterday, with the Summoner class getting a few goodies to go along with new events like the Candycloud Carnival and more. NCsoft states that while the Mischeif Makers update may not be that big, it does carry a “mighty punch”. ” Players will notice that in the update, the Summoner class gets its 3rd skill specialization-The Fantasy Path. This new update brings summoners a cat in a flying saucer to act as a new familiar. The new famliar and the Blade & Soul skill specialization are available to Summoners who have completed the “Legacy of the Hongmun Clan” quest.

“The Mischievous update may be small, but it carries a powerful punch! Have fun zipping through the Earth realm with a Familiar flying saucer next to you! Take part in the Candycloud Carnival to disrupt the smashing twins party and defeat the Sacred Longgui at Midnight Skypetal Plains for a double reward. Oh, and Summoners, we haven’t forgotten you; our fantasy becomes your reality with the 3rd skill specialization, Way of Fantasy, which helps you make the most of your new familiar abilities.”

In addition, the update brings with it completely new events, such as the Candycloud Carnival, Twilight Harvest, and much more. These events will see new rewards like fireworks, pet packs, and more, and will run from today until May 12.

The update also brought changes to the Spectral Shrine dungeon, increasing Eva Nakari’s HP on the hard drive, as the team originally intended.” New equipment and items are also available as part of the upgrade, which you can check out.

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