Blade & Soul MMO releases another one event with its upcoming update

Blade & Soul MMO fighting will kick off another one event with its upcoming update

blade soul Dragon’s bounty event

Blade & Soul fans probably can’t wait when Scarlet Tears update and will be finally released on May 15, bringing with it Scarlet Conservatory raid, but how do ya’ll feel about another one event? Yes, developers have prepared more to entertain, than you may expect. The second event called Dragon’s Bounty event will roll out with upcoming update. The event consists of several parts, and players will be able to earn upgrading materials for their stuff and variety of goods throughout the progress.

The Dragon’s Bounty Event

The first part will task you to earn Polished Scale Fragments by accomplishing challenges every day, including Tower of Memory missions. Also you can earn rewards just log into the game daily. You can buy more exclusive rewards, like the winning 2018 Cosmetic Design Contest costume or Weapon Illusion: Reborn & Cryo Phoenix and more, spending your earns in the Dragon Express store.

In the second one you should upgrade all the stuff you’ve got, so you’re prepared for the Scarlet Conservatory. You can do it, selling your Polished Scale Fragments for Polished Scales and Dragon Tokens, which will decrease the number of items that is required for progress, while upgrading it.

You can find more information about Scarlet Tears update here.

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