Blade & Soul: Divine Break Update Live Today

Blade & Soul: Divine Break Update Live Today

Two new events will be added to the game.Both updates will be available from June 24 to July 22.The first is a Lightning Reinforcement Chest event, and the second is a Realmtrotter event. Additionally, a new dungeon called Halcyon Hills will be available.The update brings several new additions and events to the game. Act XI: Balance of Power is being added where you’ll head to the Divine Realm to halt the chaos from spreading and taking over. Additionally, the Force Master Third Class Specialization, called the Way of the Lightning”.

In the Blessed garden, a new dungeon, users will be able to face group and clan challenges, get new costumes, useful resources, and some of the best accessories in the game: the wind spirit Earring and the Searing fire Earring.Among other things, “Lord of lightning” brings gifts to Blade&Soul, changing the balance of skills.

What major bugs have emerged at the moment:

  • Shadow masters in the third specialization have an unintended block against many attacks from other classes;
  • Some trigrams for elemental Masters of the third specialization have no effects from the set;
  • Some of the story clips from act 11 do not have subtitles;
  • It is impossible to get a reward for completing fractional assignments: a Hwang For from the cult of Chonchon and Yong GAK from the Alliance Murim.

The developers promise to fix these bugs in the near future, but they will not be fixed on our servers before June 30.We also remind that the lack of voice acting in act 11 is a forced measure due to the quarantine

What we will expect in the new update:

  • 2 chests with weekly raid supplies
  • 6 chests with the stone of nobility
  • the amulet of novice (10000 reputation)
  • 12 luxury  development coins
  • stormtroopers resurrection amulet.
  • Active premium holders will be awarded an additional day of Premium status

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