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Blade & Soul Cosmetic Design Contest.

So, breaking news! Players still have time to take part in the Blade & Soul cosmetic design contest with the appropriate name.

This competition will end on June 27, which means that you still have a few days to submit your design. The theme this time is Space Fashion. If you choose to present your creation, your costume should include a front view and a back view. It should also be gender-specific and should be shown at the male and female level.

The project winner will be applied by the development team to various other races. It’s important to note that this year’s team isn’t asking for an illusory weapon design. So just keep this in mind during the design process. Your submission must be sent by email and must contain the subject line ” Beauty Design Contest 2021.”

Just last weekend, the team teased its 14th grade. And if you missed it, the “Winds of Summer” update was released just a week ago.

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