Blade and Soul: Steel Bonds arrives so soon


So May 20 is the date, when a new 12-player raid is arriving in Blade&Soul.


The raid is called the Steelbreaker Raid-Part 2. Details include that it’s a 12-player raid. More specifically, for players level 60- HM 24. Also, for those who completed SilverSteel-Chapter 5: Steel Trap Quest.


Once Steel Bonds arrives, new legendary weapons will be awaiting. Once you complete the raid you get new evolution materials. These materials will let you evolve the Thornbreaker weapon, to the next tier, Silversteel. For players more than a PvE weapon tier kind, they will get the ability to upgrade Wingsong and Lionar weapons stage 7-9.


A new skill improved item is coming also. Completing the raid a player gets the chance to get the Silversteel Amulet. That will pair nicely with Thornbreaker, Wingsong, Lionnroar, or Silversteel weapon. Last but not least, a Jubilant Jackpot event was outlined, along as a list of rewards.


Once Steel Bonds arrives, players will get the chance to get a jackpot for free in the Hongmoon store. When you get it, you get a guaranteed list of items, plus a chance for additional ones, plus a next stage jackpot. Keep in mind that there is a 24hour cool down in between of opening stages until stage 10.

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