Blade And Soul is about to have new DLC later this month

MMORPG Blade And Soul is about to have new Empyrean Shadows DLC later this month

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Act 10 of the Blade & Soul story is coming to us on June 19th as part of the Empyrean Shadows update. As a player you need to “stem the tide of evil and stop Mushin’s grand plan”. The new DLC includes new story missions, new items, and unlocks the third class specializations for two of the game’s character classes.

“The Empyrean Citadel has been corrupted by the Dark Chi of the former Prince Sobu. Bearing an immutable grudge and seeking judgment against those who wronged him, the Citadel has been turned into nightmarish realm of necromancy where the dead have risen, and the ghosts of the past seek salvation. Can you stop the cursed prince before his evil spreads?”

New Features

Blade & Soul: Empyrean Shadows starts with Act 9 ending, and now players need to work together to put an end to an evil plot from Mushin. With new skills and abilities, and armed with powerful gear, players will now also be able to traverse the depths of the Warped Citadel and face the dangers that lie within.

The Kung Fu Master and Blade Master classes will both be receiving their third class specializations. Kung Fu Masters now can adopt the Way of the Iron Claw, which allows them to “transform into one of three ferocious wolf forms,” and Blade Masters can use the Way of the Spectral Blade. In addition, there’s a new dungeon to explore. The Warped Citadel is a twisted nightmare version of the Citadel where the dead roam free. And finally, there’s another one long-waited addition is fishing. The more time you spend on fishing, the more rewards you earn.

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To see the upcoming update in action, check out the trailer below.

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