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Blackwood’s last viewing was about the landscape.

So, the media for the upcoming chapter of Elder Scrolls Online, Blackwood, has been gaining momentum lately. This latest preview focused on the diversity of the landscape, as well as much more.

Thanks to this unique location, expect to see a wide variety of landscapes and creatures along the way. According to CJ Grebb, art Director of Elder Scrolls Online,

– Blackwood bridges the idyllic hills and deciduous forests of Cyrodiil and the low-lying swamps and swamps of the Black Swamp. The northern region is prone to periodic flooding from rivers flowing into the Bay of Nibenay, and long-abandoned settlements and ruined castles dot the landscape, testifying to the supreme power of nature.”

But outside of the landscape, players seem to be running towards a fraction of the creatures and monsters along the way. Your travels will lead you to ancient temples, sunken ruins, and much more. Major cities include Leiaviin in Cyrodiil and Gideon in the Black Marsh and some other zones, where you can get ESO Zones Boost. Naturally, expect different cultures for both of these cities. You can read the full post here. Also, if you missed the recent Blackwood preview event, you can check out our recap here. However, it seems that the game has been going bumpy on consoles lately, with PS4/5 issues presenting a hitch before being fixed, and invisible monsters running rampant on Xbox.

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