Black Desert plans for 2021 big "restart of classes"

Black Desert plans for 2021 big “restart of classes”

Black Desert currently offers 23 different classes. But very few of them are well balanced, which is also due to the fact that new classes are becoming more and more special and stronger. A major update is to come in December in which 17 of these classes will be revised.

What exactly is being revised? According to the developers, the classes will be adjusted in several areas, including:

  • damage
  • Survival skills
  • Attack range
  • accuracy

The goal is to adapt the old classes so that they don’t “underperform” the newer classes. The focus is primarily on skills that are rarely used in order to make them more useful in the future.

Only in spring 2021 did the new class of Sage appear, which many consider to be extremely strong. Sage has a lot of AoE, abilities with 100% crit chance and can teleport. Many old classes cannot keep up with that.

When should the update appear? The release is planned for December 15th in Korea and December 22nd for the SEA servers. It is very likely that the changes will come to us on December 22nd. A detailed announcement about the adjustment is to be posted in the coming days. So far there is only the teaser.

17 classes are being revised

Which classes are affected? The changes mainly affect the classes that appeared before 2020:

Dark Knight


Is it worth it to jump in with the changes? Basically, it is always worth starting with Black Desert when a new season starts. Then you get an XP boost with a new character, get useful equipment faster and PvP is deactivated for the time being until you move to one of the main servers.

Such a season is expected to start again in December / January and is an ideal time to play one of the revised or one of the new classes.

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