Black Desert Online: the end of Shadow Arena

Black Desert Online’s Shadow Arena will be closed

Black Desert Online Shadow Arena


Early this year, Black Desert Online introduced to us Shadow Arena which has been widely represented and remains in its Spring season now. We had planned from the start to make updates to Shadow Arena constantly, so it stays fresh and amusing, but the time passed and we had to think how to stabilize improving it and creating fresh content at the same time. We noticed that making new updates was moving us further from our original ideas, partly due to the time being spent on this process. Besides, the recent increasing of third-party software made us more concerned and considering its place within the scope of Black Desert Online.

Thus, we have come to the conclusion that fragmentary improvements on Shadow Arena aren’t enough as a systematic feature. So considerate and discussed that issue properly, we have finally decided to shut down Shadow Arena as it is now with the April 10th maintenance.

Of course we know this might be not a good decision for some of you who loved Shadow Arena. We sincerely apologize for the disturbance we have made cause of our comparably short announcement we have placed, but there will be a compensation package and we will tell more about it with a next announcement.

We are now focusing on not only releasing new content (Star’s End, Adventure Log updates, etc.) but we are also improving the game content, which is already launched.

We are trying to provide the best experience you can get and creating new and surprising content for all the fans of Black Desert Online.

Thank you.

– BDO Team

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