Black Desert Online's devs bring a new roadmap and Life Skill updates

Black Desert Online’s devs bring a new roadmap for the 2nd quarter of 2019, plus Life Skill updates

Black Desert Online

Kakao Games has revealed the development roadmap to Black Desert Online for the 2nd quarter of 2019 and it has a stunning fiery horse mountain named Doom, a new region titled Star’s End where players can get the BlackStar Weapon, and a new decently made ruins zone under the waters.

The roadmap reveals new group PvE content that will reach to us the next few months as well. “A brand new experience will add new group based content to Black Desert Online which will introduce a different type of PvE than what players have seen so far.”

“Aside from these major content updates, smaller changes will also be made to keep people engaged and improve the overall quality of Black Desert Online. The Mediah Quest Renewal, for instance, will update most activities in the region, including background lore and story to provide a more immersive experience. In Garmoth Chase players will have to follow the menacing dragon as he flies around Drieghan. Lucky players can earn the rewards he drops down from the sky.”

Life Skill updates were promised soon too and will include the long-awaited Manos Gear. Kakao will also deliver us a number of in-game events, which will begin with with Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival; it actually is now live in the game. “This spring event is bigger than ever before, so make your way to Terrmian Beach to join in on the fun,” Kakao said. “Get ready for some serious water balloon popping, fishing activities and other event quests and get handsomely rewarded.”

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