Black Desert Online will release for PS4 in August, plus preorders begin

Black Desert Online will release for PS4 in August, plus preorders begin

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The PlayStation 4 version of Black Desert will launch on August 22, developer Pearl Abyss announced. Pre-orders are available now via the PlayStation Store and include 48 hours early access and exclusive in-game items.

Black Desert is a fantasy MMORPG that lets players become almost anyone, whether they want to be the hero of the war-torn lands or settle down and live a quiet life on the farm. No matter who you become, you’ll be able to design them in Black Desert’s uncanny and incredibly detailed character creator.


With over 20 million registered users worldwide, Black Desert has a pretty healthy playerbase. It’s already surpassed $1 billion in revenue as of April 2019.

With this in mind, the impending PS4 version looks to expand the game’s reach even more. That said, Black Desert Boost does have a bit more competition on PlayStation 4 with Final Fantasy XIV. The Xbox One doesn’t have the latter after due to issues with Microsoft’s regulations on cross-platform play. However, Black Desert Online’s more action-focused design as well as its impressive visuals should help it attract a niche on Sony’s console.

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