Black Desert Online now holds Star's End celebration event this week

Black Desert Online now has a new Star’s End region and are holding celebration event this week


We finally made it to the Star’s End in Black Desert Online, a challenging new region ripe for exploration. Get ready to decent amount of new content and events waiting for your participation in the Black Desert world!

“The story of Star’s End begins eight years ago when a meteorite made impact on the western region of Calpheon. The meteorite came to be known as the Blackstar and the region around it Star’s End. Not long after the Blackstar crashed, the Ashen Plague emerged. The plague rotted the minds and souls of the afflicted and made them violent. Therefore, Calpheon decided to quarantine the entire region, effectively sealing it off from the outside world. As the years passed the existence of the plagued land slowly began to fade away from the minds of the many.”

The Celebration Event

To celebrate the opening of Star’s End, the Black Spirits are holding an event this week, including, of course, fun activities and rewards for everyone. From June 5 and until June 19, several quests will be available where you need to collect pages of the Black Spirit’s Adventure Log. To complete this quests you must find the Black Spirit’s Marks left behind in these areas. Great rewards like Enhancement Help Kits and Blessings of Kamasylve are available if all the marks in one area are found. This event is a first of its kind in the Black Desert SEA, and the Black Spirits are working hard to make it unforgettable. Make sure you take your part in this great event!

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