Black Desert Online’s new guild event for Xbox One version and new NPC, coming with the patch for PC

black desert guild attendance event

Black Desert Online devs represent a new patch that is not that big this time, but that’s understandable, since a big expansion for PC arrives next week.

Seek for Poachers!

The main feature of this patch is a poacher, which can be spotted in several Kamasylvia regions. He actually can reward you with some valuable items or silver, so don’t miss that guy. Another thing to do is to participate in the Starry Night event, where you can collect Star Shards and Moon Shards. You can trade them later for some changes.

Guild Attendance Event

There’s also good news for Xbox One owners. A new guild attendance event is open, which is actually about forming your guild and stay in for a while, so you can gather some items the event can offer. To take your part in guild attendance event you need to form a guild consisting of 30+ players. Once you made one all you need to do is just logging on every day and collecting all free stuff you can find.

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