Black Desert news: Underwater Ruins expansion will be out on May 22nd; Valencia went live for Xbox One

black desert underwater ruins

This week we have two big news from Black Desert world: two new expansions, and one of them, Valencia, has already gone live on Xbox One, as another for online version will hit us in two weeks.

Underwater Ruins

The expansion for Black Desert Online will be out on May 22nd. It seemingly is all about sea world, cause water, water everywhere. So, to explore two new locations, the Protty Cave and the Sycraia Ruins, you’ll need to travel by boat. You will also meet a new boss Sycrid. Unique monsters, new accessory and gold making items have been added as well.

“The Protty Cave, suitable for skilled adventurers, will have players descend into dank caverns only lit by bioluminescent plants and creatures to face-off against a mysterious new race of amphibian creatures.

The Sycraia Ruins, on the other hand, has players explore long-deserted ruins that are still defended by ancient constructs that will fiercely defend the treasures that lie within. The Sycraia Ruins can be entered by using a special artifact that can be acquired throughout the Underwater Ruins.”

From the start, you already can participate in the Hands of Gold Returns event, or go and kill a bunch of monsters, taking your part in the Great Marni’s Stone.

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