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Black Desert Mobile released a patch today.

Black Desert Mobile released a patch today that will provide many new features for mobile adventurers.Developers are introducing a new zone, a new boss, the Royal garden of the castle of Kron, Kzarku, and also Halloween, but what about without decorations in the form of skulls, pumpkins, and much more?

In PC version of the game getting Energy Points Boost is very important if you do life skilling especially. In addition to the new patch, the world boss, Path of Glory Season 2 has also begun, where players will be tasked with assembling a team of 6 people to protect the castle from waves of enemies. There’s quite a bit in the latest update, but what would it be like at the end of October without some Halloween fun? Players will have some Halloween mini-puzzles to complete for special rewards before November 9.

Pearl Abyss also extends its partnership with Prime Gaming for another three months-until January 19. New rewards have been added, such as a level 5 pet, the abyss Crystal chest, and the Sacred vial of light. All you have to do is log in to the in-game tab with your Amazon Prime account.

Black desert Mobile also recently released the tamer class as well as the hadum area, two updates that show how hard the team is working to keep content fresh in Black desert mobile.

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